Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New starts

So I have started a new job this week! I had an interview last friday for a lunchtime job at Glenwood, which is a local special needs school to me. I started on Monday which was great. Don't really know what i am doing yet... but i am sure i will soon pick it all up as days go by. It is a lovely school to work at. I did some placement there in the past so i am glad that i have been able to get paid work there now. I will be mainly doing lunch time work but i will also do some bank Teaching Assistant work for when other staff are off sick etc. It will be great experience for me. I could do with a bit more money too which it shall bring! Counting down the days till my first pay day now!

I also had a first aid course today. That was pretty good fun. I passed too, so i can now save lives :P We had to do things like CPR and all that jazz. I enjoy things like that. But most health related things interest me tbh. Guess thats what happens when you learn about your friends medical issues and my own!!

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