Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Never Forgotten

A friend of mine had a very important decision to make last week. She had been living with CF and had a transplant in 2009. Unfortunately she later went into chronic rejection. Yes she transplant didn't give her years of happiness but it gave her the best year in her life. She was able to do many things she dreamed of. In April last year me, Jenni and Ellis did a 10k walk for CF. We raised over £700 for CF trust. I am proud to say that me and Jenni are doing this walk again in just under two weeks! It will not be the same without our lovely Ellis.

The decision Ellis had to make wasn't an easy one. But we all know she picked the best thing. Her treatment wasn't being very effective as time went by. She had started to spend more time in hospital the she would at home. You never heard Ellis complain though. On Thursday  12th April Ellis decided to go into Papworth hospital and stop all treatment there. This couldn't have been an easy decision to make and I cannot think what her family best have been going through at that time.

Once Ellis had made that decision her body then started to shut down. Ellis wasn't in pain, she was nice and relaxed. She carried on doing things she enjoyed such as watching Britains got talent and spending time with her very cute 4 year old brother.

Sadly Ellis lost her fight to CF at 5:30 am on 16/04/2012. She was an inspiration to many. I know she will always have a place in my heart as well as many of her other friends and family. I have organised a tribute to Ellis while we carry out our 10k walk on the 29th April. We are going to wear fairy wings with a picture of Ellis. We promise to do you proud hun.

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